Spokesman for us

NAME: Mr. Chung Hsiang

DOB: Summer in 1970

AGE:  Around 40 evenyou cannot tell from his face

Hobby: Studies everything about cookies and tries all kinds of flavor.

Personality: A guy with patient and serious attitude

Mr Chung Hsiang’s Cookies

Mr Chung Hsiang’s dedicatehis whole life to make healthy and delicious cookies, and he has developed different kinds of popular gourmet flavor for the past 40 years.

His latest work of art is the “Pepper & Mushroom Soda Cracker”, which is a brilliant combination that vegetarians can also enjoy.


There is a period oftime, Mr Chung Hsiang accidentally found a secret flavor by putting milkmaltose filling between vegetable soda crackers; then, the “Sweet Afternoon”hand-made sandwich soda cracker has born.


Recently, He finds that hehas put some weight on him, and it annoys him a little. So he is staying in thelab to work on a new recipe that needs no sugar, less fat, but still taste delicious.

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