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Brand Legacy

Chung Hsiang Foods is a company focused on the production of cookies, biscuits, and other fine baked goods.


Established in 1970 in Taipei’s Muzha area by Mr. Lee WuChi and Mr. Lee Chinshui, the company first began its business by selling handmade biscuits. In those days, the two Lees would wake up every morning at 4 o’clock, fire up their oven, bake biscuits, and replenish the coal fire. They repeated this tedious process all day long and well into the night, sometimes not resting until 1 or even 2 o’clock in the morning.

Their tireless shifts often led to getting calloused and blistered hands from continuously tending to the oven, and would leave them covered from head to toe in black soot. More often than not, the two fledgling bakers found themselves having to take brief naps on the piles of flour sacks which dotted their workshop when they could not go on any further.

Taiwan was a very different place five decades ago. Back then, the pair had to brave winds, rain, and difficult roads to deliver biscuits on bicycle rickshaws—the most common road vehicle at the time—to customers all across the greater Taipei region, including Jilong and Danshui. They did all they could to ensure that the products they delivered were of high quality, regardless of the obstacles they faced.

To expand into a new market, the Lees drove their rickety three-wheeled Subaru truck day and night to and from Hualian just to deliver their goods, and were once nearly run off the road and into the sea by a dump truck on the infamous Suhua Freeway. Experiencing these sorts of challenges together for years on end enabled the two trustworthy partners to forge a strong bond and develop perseverance and a passion for pursuing high quality that is difficult for many to truly comprehend.

Almost immediately after setting up shop, Chung Hsiang’s business took off. This was a time which happened to coincide with Taiwan’s dramatic economic growth of the 1960s. Unfortunately, a serious labor shortage left Lee Chinshui worrying that he may not be able to meet the company’s delivery deadlines, and he eventually turned to his own wife to help fulfill customer orders. But after working in the factory day and night, she was so exhausted that she broke down and cried. To this very day, Lee Chinshui remains eternally grateful for what his wife did during the company’s toughest hour.



Little by little, Chung Hsiang successfully transformed itself from selling biscuits directly from the backs of bicycle rickshaws into a veritable bakery empire. In 1977, the company moved its operations back to Bade Township of Taoyuan County, the founders’ hometown, to cope with expanding operations. It was also during this time that the company mechanized its factory and introduced its now-famous transparent package and token red logo.



The plant was moved again in 2004 to its current location, where Chung Hsiang now meets a wider range of needs by offering higher quality products such as the Nature series. In an attempt to become the country’s top snack maker, Chung Hsiang is in the midst of searching for a location to build its upcoming “tourist factory”, which will boast a 100% automated manufacturing system.


Launch new product line, “SweetAfternoon – Sandwich Soda Cracker”. You can enjoy the crispiness of vegetable sodacracker and the softness of maltose in between, and the well-balanced saltinessand sweetness just like the symphony in your mouth. It is only sold in Chung Hsiang’s factory and online shop.


Release the new Pepper andMushroom flavor soda cracker. The local grown fresh mushroom (from XinShe, Taichung) with black pepper creates perfectblends and unforgettable experience.


CH.FOODS’s soda crackers are a simple and unassuming snack, yet who would guess that their clear packaging and bright red logo hides nearly fifty years of history? Our crackers have changed with the times, such as coming in smaller portions packages, to make them easier to carry. However, the classic flavor of our crackers has never changed one bit.

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